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The Wapello Community School District and its Board of Directors are dedicated to supporting school spirit.

Whereas the Wapello school colors are royal blue and gold, all athletic uniforms, cheerleading uniforms, band or vocal, and any other school uniforms will be royal blue and gold. These colors shall be PMS color 2746 for the royal blue and PMS color 116 for the gold. These colors are an industry standard color and shall be used when ordering and purchasing uniforms. These may be found on

Additionally any mats, equipment, etc. shall use these colors. Exceptions will only be allowed for uniforms that are required to be white,( i.e. Home uniforms for basketball teams are mandated to be white by the National Sports Federation,) and then they shall incorporate the royal blue and gold school colors.

All uniform purchases shall first be approved by the athletic director and the superintendent before ordering.


Adopted: 5-14-2007

Reviewed: December 12, 2007; 12/14/11; 9/18/19