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Administrators, as part of the educational leadership in the Wapello Community School District, represent the views of the school district. Their actions, verbal and nonverbal, reflect the attitude and the beliefs of the school district. Therefore, administrators shall conduct themselves professionally and in a manner fitting to their position.

Each administrator shall follow the code of ethics stated in this policy. Failure to act in accordance with this code of ethics or in a professional manner, in the judgment of the board, shall be grounds for discipline and, possibly, dismissal.

The professional school administrator:

  • Uphold the honor and dignity of the profession and actions and relations with students, colleagues, board members, and the public;
  • Obeys local, state, and national laws; holds to high ethical and moral standards;
  • and gives loyalty to this country and to the cause of democracy and liberty;
  • Accepts the responsibility to master and contribute to the growing body of specialized knowledge, concepts, and skills which characterize school administration as a profession;
  • Strives to provide the finest possible educational experiences and opportunities to the members of the school district community;
  • Seeks to preserve and enhance the prestige and status of the profession when applying for a position or entering into the contractual agreements;
  • Disallows consideration of private gain or personal economic interest to affect the discharge of professional responsibilities;
  • Recognizes public schools are the public's business and seeks to keep the public informed about their schools; and,
  • Supports and practices the management team concept.


Approved: 06/12/1995

Reviewed: 08/11/1998; 11/08/2007; 12/14/11; 6/16/16