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A gathering of a majority of Board members either in person or electronically in which deliberation of an issue within the scope of the board's policy-making duties takes place is a Board meeting. A gathering for the purpose of social or ministerial action shall not constitute a Board meeting when there is no discussion of policy or no intent to avoid the purpose of the open meetings law. Meetings of the Board shall be conducted in an open meeting unless the closed session is authorized by law or the meeting is exempt from the open meetings law.


Legal Reference:  Iowa Code 21, 270.1-.2

                              1982 Op. Att'y Gen. 162

                               1980 Op. Att'y Gen. 167


Approved: 07/18/1995

Reviewed: 02/12/2004; 11/9/11; 10/14/15

Revised: 7/13/2006