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At least every five years the Wapello Board of Directors shall conduct an in-depth needs assessment, soliciting information from business, labor, industry, higher education, and community members, regarding their expectations for adequate student preparation. One purpose of this assessment is to assist the Board in developing and evaluating the statement of philosophy for the school district. The second purpose of this assessment is to determine the areas of student performance, knowledge, and attitudes and the areas of school district operations which are judged to be most crucial in meeting school or school district goals. As part of this assessment, the Board shall develop a process for communicating with business, industry, labor, and higher education regarding their expectations for adequate student preparation. The statement of philosophy shall describe the Board's beliefs about topics which shall include the nature of learning, the purpose of the school district, the scope of educational experiences that the school district should provide, the nature of its learners, and a description of a desirable learning atmosphere.

In conjunction with the in-depth needs assessment of the school district, the Board shall authorize the appointment of a committee, representing administrators, employees, parents, students, and community members, to make recommendations and assist the Board in determining the priorities of the school district in addition to the basic skills areas of the education program.

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to insure the school district community is informed of the Board's policies, programs and goals and has an opportunity to express their thoughts and suggestions for the operation of the school district. At the June meeting, the superintendent shall report to the Board about the means used to keep the community informed.

As a result of the Board and committee's work, the Board shall determine major educational needs and rank them in priority order; develop long-range goals and plans to meet the needs; establish and implement short-range and intermediate-range plans to meet the goals and to obtain the desired levels of student performance; evaluate progress toward meeting the goals and maintain a record of progress under the plan that includes reports of student performance and results of school improvement projects; and annually report the school district's progress made under the plan to the committee, community, and Iowa Department Of Education.


Approved: 08/17/1995

Reviewed: 11/21/2006; 10/12/11; 6/8/2020

Revised: 7/13/2006; 11/21/2006; 8/26/15